Marine Raiders plaque
area to east of Ridge - Fighter #1 strip
assorted relics 1
assorted relics 2
assorted relics 3
assorted relics 4
assorted relics 5
Bloody Ridge road sign
Raider C Company position
Final knoll 1999

Japanese memorial 1999
left flank
looking south from final knoll
right flank to Lunga River
right flank to Lunga River 2
the wire still bites!
trail to Oct 42 battle area
US 37mm cannister ammo
US memorial on ridge
US memorial at airfield

barbed wire defences 1998
Edsons Ridge 1998
ridge from the tower at Henderson
ridge from the tower 2
jerrican in front of final knoll
Edsons Ridge lone Marine
Nissen hut on ridge
relics 1995

relics 1996
ridge signpost 1
ridge signpost 2
ridge trail
tree relics
wire defences 1999
roll of wire in front of final knoll
wire stakes
front of ridge looking towards final knoll
grass burnt off 1996
Jap helmet from Edsons ridge
huts on final knoll-now abandoned
right flank towards the Lunga
the jungle south of the ridge

Edsons Ridge 1 (Dennis Letourneau)
Edsons Ridge 2 (Dennis Letourneau)
Edsons Ridge 3 (Dennis Letourneau)
Edsons Ridge 4 (Dennis Letourneau)

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Edsons Ridge early 1970's
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